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About Us

Our Story

BlueCloud.tv started in the fall of 2018 producing video content for local businesses in Dumas, Texas.

A year later as the Dumas Demons were fighting their way through the playoffs someone came and asked if we could live stream one of the playoff games. We put together the technology and broadcast our very first major live stream event to over 2600 Dumas Demon fans world-wide.

Since that time, BlueCloud.tv has transformed into a community focused modern media station. We broadcast local events, produce audio/video content, social content, and podcasts. We have broadcast several events including Dumas Demon Football, Dumas Demonette Volleyball, DHS Soccer, graduations, band concerts, community projects for the Dumas Chamber of Commerce, weddings, and much more.

The Moore County Journal is a sister company and during the pandemic it played a crucial role in keeping the community informed by utilizing BlueCloud.tv to broadcast city/county meetings, public health updates, and publishing public service announcements.

In the summer of 2021, we opened our first creative studio retail space in Dumas Texas. Our studio offers content creators a space to produce professional quality audio/video content, podcasts, and more. Our studio will be used to produce and broadcast local community based shows and content.

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Our Publications Reach

The combined reach of BlueCloud.tv and the Moore County Journal

Advertise with Us

We focus on reaching the local community! We don’t accept national chain advertising or use ad networks such as Google AdSense on any of our websites or publications. When you advertise with us you can be assured that you will not be competing for ad displays against internet advertisements.

Your advertising helps promote local community groups and non-profits. These organizations have limited advertising budgets and our coverage of their events expand their reach and promotion. Please watch the advertising with us video to learn more about how our ad rotation system works across all our digital publications.

Click here to watch a previous sports broadcast with overlay banner ads.

Coming up Next...

We are expanding our coverage and have a full lineup planned for 2021-2022.


2022 Advertising Packages

Standard 4 Month

Ad rotation on all MCJ and BCTV channels/publications
$ 696 4 Months
  • Banner Ad
  • Video Ad
  • Audio Ad

Standard 12 Month

Ad rotation on all MCJ and BCTV channels/publications
$ 1896 12 Months
  • Banner Ad
  • Video Ad
  • Audio Ad

* In order to support the local communities in which we operate, we only accept advertising from organizations with a physical presence in communities where one of our studios are located.
** Limited ad rotation slots are available. When these slots are filled we will not accept any more orders.
*** Limit one package per company/organization per year.

Our Team

IMG_1099 2
Raymond Brady Producer
The guy that changes the light bulbs!
Laura Brady Graphic Design
She makes everything look good!
Chase Brady Video & Motion Graphics
The magic maker!
Trey Gabehart Voice & Sports Broadcasting
This guy gets paid to talk... Sweet!
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